Hot Booty Ballet Certification (Level 1)

Hot Booty Ballet is, just that. It’s HOT!! The Dynamic Program is based on traditional ballet conditioning exercises, core strengthening & resistance training performed in a heated room or not. The class is designed to shape, sculpt, stretch and tone your entire body. Hot Booty Ballet utilizes mini-bands, body weight and light weights to perform multiple high reps of small isolated movements in order to sculpt muscles without adding bulk. 

The Hot Booty Ballet Course provides the framework for Instructors, enabling them to create fun, safe, effective training programs for there classes & participants. The Course presents over 100 hot booty ballet signature moves & segments – accompanied by timed selections of music – that serve as the template for each session or class and produce a balanced and complete Hot Booty Ballet workout. Participants are also introduced to the Principles.

These sessions focus on booty exercise & progressions, movement form and efficiency, and the importance of cueing with music for a quality class. Hot Booty Ballet Level 1 provides instructors with pre-choreographed workouts specifically designed to address a specific aspect of fitness training or to suit a particular target group. Additional concepts are explored: including the value of cardio-based intervals within a program, suggestions on themes and training programs

Were u can teach Hot Booty Ballet:

Athletic Club
Health and Wellness Center
Yoga Studios
Pilates Studio
Dance Studio
Personal Training Facility 
Fitness Training Facility 
Group Fitness Classes 
Corporate Businesses 
Outside: Beach, lake, Canal
Open your own Business 


Online Course Material
Instructor Manual 
Class Choreography
Online videos
Music Playlists
24 hr support
Be Part ofHot Booty Ballet Online Community

– No Annual Membership Fee
– No Licensing Fee

  • Learn about the history and evolution of Hot Booty Ballet
  • Discuss and understand how ballet, Fitness, and Pilates have influenced Hot Booty Ballet
  • Know what you must incorporate into every class
  • Understand the principles that cause Hot Booty Ballet moves to be inherently small and effective
  • Know the benefits and advantages of teaching a Hot Booty Ballet Class
  • Learn to format and choreograph a one hour class

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